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We offer a few more things. Just for you!

Our business model is unique in the industry. We offer hosting solutions that are above the industry standard but with the benefit of a dedicated friend to help you with question, problems, and ideas when it comes to technology. Our goal is in quality and not in quantity. That is one of the main reasons we limit the amount of new customers we take on. Below are some of the additional solutions we offer.

Web Design

Web Design

Create. Design. Publish!

We take on the role of "Project Manager" when it comes to your web design.

In the last two decades we have made partnerships with some of the leading web designers around the world.

We take your idea and have our partners offer their initial designs and costs. You then select the one that best suits you and we work with the designer to ensure datelines are met and configure it for the iniaital launch. We do all this at no extra cost.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Don't Spam. Engaged.

Our E-mail Marketing is different from all the others.

We do not provide you with a list of individuals, businesses, a bought list, or any type of e-mail list period.

What we offer is a guide and instructions on how to partner with providers such as MailChimp that gives you the tools to run your E-mail Marketing campaign the correct way.

Web Dev

// Web Dev

From New to Execute

We take on the role of "Developement Manager" to help you with any development ideas you may have.

Over the last decade with have built partnerships with programers around the globe.

As your "Development Manager" we will ensure every milestone of your application development is reached on time and within budget.

Casting Services

Netcast Solutions

Podcasting / Netcasting your passion.

On our free time we product content too. We trust our podcasting / necasts to companies such as Libsyn and Blubrr

That is why we offer help in signing up with them free of charge. You can also host the files with your hosting solution. But, they offer great services getting your show listed on services such as iTunes and automatically compatible with any mobile device.

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We help with the correct and proper SEO when it comes to entering the correct META data in your HTML.

We walk you through the basics of the correct META tags to use and techniques preferred by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Other techniques offered by fly by night groups will eventually get you black listed by those search engines you are trying to get listed by.

Domain Services

Domain Services

Registered and Managed

We register domains in your behalf. We never take ownership of your domains. All of the domains we register have privacy enabled and we are listed as the technical contact so other providers contact us directly with issues.

We actively remind you of when your sites are up for renewal.

Our Auto-Renew-NC feature will always renew your domain unless told otherwise. This feature prevents squatters from taking over your domain seconds it expired simply because you forgot to renew it.

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