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Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions but if you still have a question. Please feel free to e-mail us, phone us, or use our contact form located at http://moriboy.com/contact/

Why do you help me with other company services?

It is true. We help you even with other peoples services (As long as we are familiar with them)

We enjoy helping people. As a client we will always help you.

- If we don’t provide the service, we will point you to those we trust that do.

- If we know the product and know the answer we will help. If we don’t we will tell you where to go.

- We provide hosting, everything else is because we enjoy people and helping others.

You can read more of the free services you get for simply being a client at http://moriboy.com/services/ but remember – We provide the help / support but you are still responsible in payint the 3rd party vendors such as MailChimp or the designers and programmers you select to do the work.

Moving my site to Moriboy?

Depending on the type of site you currently have. Moving your site is as simple as moving over your files and updated your DNS servers through your registar.

- The basic idea is moving your files to Moriboy through FTP (we can do that for you)
- Update your DNS to ns1.moriboy.net and ns2.moriboy.net (we can do that for you too)

If you have a CMS such as WordPress or other Database driven sites. We have a few more steps.

- The basic idea for those is to export your existing database and then import them
- We provide you a temporary URL to help you debug any issues prior to updating your DNS servers. This way your users can have a smooth transition.

Do you offer PHP5 support?

Simple questions come with simple answers.


We offer PHP5 and PHP4 support.

What is the main difference in hosting solutions?

All of our sites regardless hosting plan are hosted on the same hardware to ensures the best performance and availability. Your site will perform the same regardless of plan.

You get friendly, knowledgeable, and quick support at any level.

The main difference is storage space, domain support, and type of customer support.

- With our Friends and Family you get 24/7 e-mail support.

- With our Business Hosting you get 24/7 e-mail support and phone support within our Business Hours.

- With our Monitored Hosting you get 24/7 e-mail support but to a dedicated support analyst. You also the contact phone number of a dedicated support analyst that you can call for all your needs within or outside our business hours.

What is DNS Zone support?

Many businesses want redundancy when it comes to their e-mail and online sites.

For that reason we have partner with 3rd party Zone File providers to ensure e-mails are still received and people can still visit your website even when e-mail and servers are down.

We offer the support, setting it up, and maintaining your Zone Files with 3rd providers as an Authorize user on your accounts. You are still required and responsible to pay for the 3rd party services directly with them.

We simply take the away the headache of setting it up and managing from you. We include it as part of the Monitored Hosting plan. You can also add it to another service for a fee.

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    I trust Moriboy with my clients hosting needs after my work has been completed.

    James – Web Designer

    The Friends and Family package is a good start for anyone who want to start a website.

    Kyle – Part-time Blogger

    I love that I call a local number and get a live person that is always willing to help me ...

    Dyana – Manager

    Moriboy came to my business to help me set up my account. No one does that anymore.

    Felipe – Small Business Owner

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